See, I've started paddling for my school's dragon boat team since 2009, and it's just recently that I quit - mainly because I graduated already. And even though I've continued paddling for a year and a half more since I graduated, eventually, the spark just wasn't there anymore. Things changed, and it was inevitable.

 I came across this video on Youtube which my friend has shared on our Facebook group page, and as soon as it played, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic... Dragon boat was one of my first loves. I've become a better person because of dragon boat, because of the people I've met, and simply because I became a part of something bigger than my own. It changed my life.

I couldn't express through words how much it means to me, but I hope watching this video would make you know me a little bit better.

Out there, we get tired. Out there, we make mistakes. Out there, we lose. Out there, we win. Out there, we get better - together.

This is probably the best dragon boat video I've ever seen, and it makes me want to go out there and row again. I know I still have the heart, but it's easier said than done. There are a lot to consider now, and it's not the same as before. Sigh. I miss dragon boat so bad... The boat. The bay. The team. The adrnaline rush. The teamwork. The pain. The success. The passion. EVERYTHING. :(

I know we all have to learn to move on, but I really hope I can paddle again soon... :(

PS. This is not our team's video.