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Are you fucking kidding me?

Define flirt? Yep, it has your name all over it. Oh, buuurn!

Trying to take my place?

Yep, someone is.

And right now, I just don't know how to feel about it. Jealous? Maybe. Flattered? Well, I should be. for God's sake, someone's trying to be me and that's a heavy compliment. Just goes to show how much someone's trying to have the life I have, the relationships I have, which she never had. And thinking about it, it's her who's jealous of me in the first place. And there should be no reason why I should feel the same, cause whatever happens, she can never take my place or what I have... Or what I had. Right. :)

Although it is a little bit annoying... Ugh. Need to divert attention!!!

Chosen few

I've always got lots of friends, but only few know me too well to actually know what is going through my crazy head.

I couldn't be more thankful to have a very good friend who knew exactly what to say just as I said what my head (and heart) screamed for. She understands, and she doesn't comfort me for she says what she thinks is right, even if it will hurt me. I think true friends are supposed to be like that, bringing you up and changing you to the better and doesn't spoil you with comforting words you'd always want to hear when you're going through something. Rest assured, they're still on your side.

No one actually reads my blog, but if ever this comes out to the public, I'd want the world to know that I am very blessed to have met someone like you, Trisha Villanueva. Thank you for listening to me yesterday, when I'm so down and just needed someone to talk to. It's you I chose to talk to about it cause despite not getting to bond like before, you still know me. And you're one of the chosen few who actually do, and put up with me even if my views are on the other side of the world. You bring me back to where I'm supposed to be, and I couldn't be more thankful. Your words may not be the kindest at times, but they're the best words to hear to snap me back to reality, and remind me that things don't always go my way and people will always change and hurt me even if they intentionally do it or not. I'm thankful, and you are a blessing. :)

I hope you get to read this one day. This post goes to Jikay Laborte as well, with whom I seek guidance in almost everything when I'm troubled. You girls always know the exact words to say, and a thank you wouldn't be enough to tell how happy I am that God gave me friends like you. But from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I don't know if I could return the favor, but I will always try. :)

There's a lot of people I'd like to thank, but for this post and as a reflection of yesterday's (and the past couple of says) feeling, it's you two I'd like to commend.

Again, thank you. :)

Dream Runs

I've been really really preoccupied these past couple of weeks that I have failed to write an update. Oh, life. Better than bum, right?

Anyway, I am still in the process of changing my lifestyle (I have gotten sweet results, if you should know), and I have developed an intense passion and love for running. I wanted to lose weight before so I jogged. And that was it, jogging for the sake of losing weight. But over the past couple of moths, I have increased pace and improved significantly that I run now. Running for the sake of it, because I learned to love it. It's an overwhelming feeling knowing that running longer distances seemed easier because you have gotten better.

I joined this bootcamp, FitFil, in MOA headed by Coach Jim Saret and it's our last week this week, and I can't wait for graduation! I don't know if I've lost weight or not, but what I do know is that I have gotten stronger and better, and met new people and friends along the way - the kind you want to have because you share the same passion, and losing weight just seemed as the bonus. Anyway, we were required to run and participate in the Milo Marathon, which was held yesterday in MOA, so I joined the 5k category. It's my first legitimate run (with time) but I had a rough start --- we, fitfils, were supposed to run together but it was too late before I knew that I can go ahead and just wait for them in the finish line. We walked for a good three minutes. Being a first timer, I didn't know that my time already started cause I had no idea how those chips worked. Define fail. So now, my time was sabotaged. And a lot of people were blocking the way, too, so I couldn't run as fast as I wanted. :(

But anyway, I think that that Milo run sparked my inner runner cause while I was waiting for my co-fitfils at our tent (yes, I finished way ahead), my mind wandered and I daydreamed about my future runs and how I want to beat my record and collect bibs, singlets and finisher medals (cause I got jealous of the man who ran 41k)! Right there, I made a promise to myself and thought of the theme of my photo project for the next year: I will join a (fun) run/(half) marathon at least once every month! I have two runs lined up already, and it's the Color Run MNL in January, and Condura Skyway Run in February. Oh, make that three cause I plan to join the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon on December 2013. Well, I can dream, right? But heck, I plan to make this a reality. I remember tweeting and blogging on Tumblr about how I dream to run along the skyway and join the color run in the US... Well, the stars are aligned in my favor for 2013! And as for the AWIHM, I believe He will make a way that I will have the resources and support to get me there. It doesn't even matter if I go with friends or alone - I will make this work for me! :)

Some of my other dream runs would be to join a beach run, and... to run only in my sports bra. Yes, be THAT fit! :))

I have very supportive parents and friends and I hope this 2013 plan will keep me at my fittest as well, since being fit and strong was the core reason for all of these. Hihi so stoked already!!! :)

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