Snap goodbye?

Leaving the country has been the issue since we received our petition papers from the US Embassy, and now, we're on to the last few chapters. I can't believe that we are leaving, probably for a good three years, and I have only four months OR LESS left.

This morning, we received our Visa, and yes, it has been approved.

Our Visa expires on November, and my sister is giving birth sometime on November, but my parents want to leave ASAP so they could come back just in time before my sister gives birth - which I find unfair on my part, at least. It's not only because I won't get to spend and make the most out of my time left with my friends who I won't see for years, but also because I won't see my my sister give birth and welcome and see and touch my very first niece/nephew. The issue with my friends is ok. I mean, I could live with that. But the fact that my sister and I will be left there while my parents are back in the Philippines spending time with their first grand child? That's unfair. Because I want to be there, too. But I understand that we have to make some sacrifices because we have been waiting for this for a long, long time. But I hope that before my parents even decide when we're leaving, I hope they consider our two cents on it as well. My father kinda wants to leave, but I don't. It may be selfish of me, but it's my life that gets affected anyway. My whole life will change the moment we step on that plane cause there won't be any turning back anymore. 

I'm having heaps of emotions right now, I can't even explain if I'm happy, or excited, or sad, or mad. I don't know. I hope we fix this issue soon. And I hope we ALL decide, not just my father. Sigh.