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Push your luck, join a contest, win a camera!

I've been a Canon fan ever since I started eyeing on photography as one of my interests. I've been freelancing as an amateur photographer with my late Canon 1000D and covering events before it died on me last year before my birthday. Since then, I've settled for just documenting with my film SLR (because I have no enough funds to buy myself a new digital SLR), and thanks to technology, I've abused the capacity of smart phones.

But see, although smart phones take good photos, they aren't that great unlike shooting with DSLRs. It's about perspective, yes, but looking through that viewfinder is different -  you create a world, a story between you and your subject that only you can tell, that no matter what  the outcome of the shot is, you are the only one who can tell what feeling you have captured that very moment. It's priceless, and I'd give anything to be in that position again - behind the lens of a camera, and capturing moments no one can ever go back to.

It's such a thrill joining contests that will make you win something you really want, and in this case, the Canon 5D Mark III. I joined even if I know that there's a fat, fat chance of me winning. But I guess it's the same with all the other ones who joined this contest. We're at a fair game with chance. Well, I'm still hopeful, and I am pushing my luck on this, so big thanks to SnapKnow wedding photography directory for offering this great camera giveaway!

Now, winning this would make my job easier as well. As you all know, I'm also working as a wedding coordinator. If I win this? Ha! Hitting two birds with one stone - I get to be a wedding photographer as well, and that's one of my dreams! I'm going to storm the heavens with prayers that I win this! Woohoo! Please make my dreams come true, SnapKnot! :)

Now, if you want to join this contest as well, just click this LINK and try your luck! Good luck to us! :)


"Let them miss you. Sometimes when you're always available, they take you for granted because they think you'll always stay."

- Unknown

That awful, awful feeling...

When no one appreciates what you do.

When people don't realize how much they are hurting you, but instead of making a fuss out of it, you keep it all in.

When people who you love dearly take you for granted.

When one of your closest friends choose to be dishonest with you and talk you out of something thinking it was concern but rather an ulterior motive.

When people choose to ignore you because to them you seem irrelevant now.

When people ask for your help but never get a 'thank you' in return.

When you realize that you are fighting the wrong battle.

When you should've said no a long time ago, but kept on saying yes.

When you are forced to be indifferent when everything is eating you up inside.

When running away becomes one of your choices as a solution.

When you feel a connivance forming against you - with your so-called friends in it.

When you realize that a close friend has turned out to be someone you just used to know.

When bridges built and tested for years are burnt in a snap of a finger.

When you are starting to be replaced by someone else because you were never good enough.

When people who you thought cared about you, actually didn't.

When no one understands, and no one tries to understand you.

When trust doesn't seem exist anymore.

When you start to doubt yourself.

When you're just emotinally tired of all the crap around you.

When your happy, optimistic bubble bursts and you just feel like giving up.

When you just feel alone.

When you realize that all the while, the cause of their actions has always been your fault, and never theirs.

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